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Cat eye prescription sunglasses are sophisticated and endlessly classy. Discover a retro-chic new look with cat-eye sunglasses and largest selection of cat eye sunglasses frames online.
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Give your eyes an exaggerated feline flick with a statement pair of cat-eye sunglasses for women. This timeless style has been a go-to for decades, so it's no surprise that it remains one of Quay's top-rated frame shapes. You know a cat eye when you see one — from the top, it creates a strong wing towards the outside edge of the face for a definitive look. The right cat-eye sunglasses will give any outfit an instant dose of cool all day every day. Shade your sunnies with the perfect color. There's no going wrong with a classic pair of black cat eye sunglasses. Creating that vintage feel won't be a struggle, either. Put on white cat-eye sunglasses to channel those quirky throwback vibes. Don't forget to find just the right fit to be the cat's meow. Grab oversized cat-eye sunglasses for that touch of retro glam. Want to scale it down for something sleek? A modern pair of small cat-eye sunglasses might just be your speed. Stun in a head-turning finish, whether you're giving off a sunset mood with fades or flaunting a pair of flashy mirrored cat-eye sunnies. The perfect finish can be a filter, too. Treat yourself to polarized cat-eye sunglasses to block glare at all the bright times. Or, combine your glasses with our cat eye prescription sunglasses! Browse Quay’s collection for must-have cat-eye sunglasses that will have you meowing with joy.

Cat eye sunglasses are back! Decades ago, Audrey Hepburn made cat eye sunglasses a staple in Hollywood fashion. Today, these elegant frames are once again a big trend, but now the vintage cat eye style has a more modern look. Show them who is in charge with bold designer cat eye sunglasses made to stand out. Explore a variety of cat eye styles, from oversized to square, and find the perfect high-quality cat eye sunglasses to fit your unique style.

Cat Eye Sunglasses FAQs

What face shape should wear cat eye sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses flatter bottom-heavy face shapes such as round, square and triangular as the frame's upward shape balances out the facial proportions. However, thanks to the various styles and sizes, most face shapes can pull off cat eye shades.

Are cat eye sunglasses in style?

Ever since their first appearance in the 1930s, cat eye sunglasses have achieved the status of a classic frame shape, remaining a stylish eyewear item throughout the decades.

Can guys wear cat eye sunglasses?

Of course! Men can wear any sunglasses frame they feel comfortable with.

What era are cat eye glasses from?

The iconic cat eye frame first appeared in the 1930s. Designed by Altina Schinasi a prominent New York artist and activist, the cat eye sunglasses were her response to the dullness of eyewear choices for women in the 30s.

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