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Cheap Prescription Sunglasses for Men, and Women has the prescription sunglasses you need at prices you will love. We have high-quality prescription sunglasses with fashionable frames, elegant lenses, and low prices for both women's and men's prescription sunglasses. Not sure where to begin your journey? Check out our Virtual Try-On. Frame your face and feel confident.

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Allow you to wear the most on-trend sunglasses while still enjoying clear vision. We can take your prescription and place it into the lenses of any of our sunglasses, giving you the ultimate selection of frames to browse through. Prescription sunglasses are the perfect investment to protect your eyes from UV rays all year round. Our curated collection of eyewear includes classic cat-eye frames, aviators, and rectangular frames.

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Be your best self with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. 3CV Eyewear is the best-selling sunglasses shop that doesn't break your wallet. We carry both women's sunglasses and men's sunglasses, many designs are inspired by the celebrities we work with and their styles. Our collaborations contain unique styles that can't be found elsewhere.

Whether it's prescription sunglasses for women or men, we carry a variety of styles and designs so you can find the perfect pair for you. From oversized sunglasses to cat-eye sunglasses to aviators, we've got you covered with unique styles and unforgettable looks because we're the best sunglasses shop that gives back.

Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Can Any Sunglasses Be Made Into Prescription Sunglasses?

Most, but not all, modern sunglasses can be made with prescription lenses. Your best option for finding your favorite sunglass frames in prescription-ready form is to shop with a retailer that offers a wide selection. offers thousands of prescription sunglasses frames from eyewear's biggest designers. If you can't find the exact pair of your favorite frames as prescription sunglasses, you'll likely find an indistinguishable match from the same designer or another top designer.

Can I Make My Sunglasses Prescription?

Yes, can fit most modern sunglasses with prescription sunglasses lenses. To order prescription sunglasses lenses for your sunglasses, you'll need to speak with one of our trained opticians. From there, we can help you through each step of getting prescription sunglass lenses made to fit your favorite sunglass frames.

How Do I Know What Size Prescription Sunglasses to Get?

Prescription sunglasses frame size measurements are the same as they are for regular prescription glasses or conventional sunglasses. Most sunglasses or eyeglasses should include measurements printed on the frame. If you have an existing pair of glasses that fit well, use the measurements on them to find the correct frame size for your prescription sunglasses; consult our Frame Size Guide to learn more.

Should I Wear Prescription Sunglasses, and Is It Worth Buying Them?

If you routinely wear prescription glasses or contacts, then consider buying and wearing prescription sunglasses when outdoors or driving. The sun protection and vision improvement, combined with ease of use, make prescription sunglasses a valuable and practical accessory.

How Much Do Prescription Sunglasses Cost?

Prescription sunglasses from 3CV start at around $9, depending on the designer, your prescription, and any features you add to them. On average, designer prescription sunglasses cost between $150 and $300, again, depending on your prescription and additional features you choose. The highest-end designer prescription sunglasses, with progressive lenses, polarization, and additional add-ons can cost upwards of $700.

Are Prescription Sunglasses More Expensive Than Eyeglasses or Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses usually cost more than regular sunglasses and about the same as prescription glasses, depending on the brand, features, and add-ons.

Can You Wear Prescription Sunglasses While Driving?

Sure! We encourage those with a prescription to wear prescription sunglasses while driving during the day.

A pair of prescription sun specs can come in handy for any outdoor activity, but driving, in particular, requires clear and focused vision. Wearing Rx sunglasses while driving will provide clarity to your eyesight, protection from harmful UV rays, and defence against bright sun reflections that can distract you from the road.

>Is It Bad To Wear Prescription Sunglasses With Contacts?

We do not recommend wearing prescription sunglasses with prescription contact lenses.

This is because the prescription contacts already work to correct your eyesight. Adding the prescription glasses on top of them can cause headaches, eye strain and can even damage your vision.

We suggest buying a pair of high-quality non-prescription sunglasses to wear on days you choose to wear contact lenses.

How Do I Order Prescription Sunglasses Online?

Ordering prescription sunglasses online is as easy as ordering eyeglasses. All you need to know is your frame size and your prescription, and the rest is up to your preferences. Follow our Guide to Buying Prescription Sunglasses for step-by-step instructions.

How Are Prescription Sunglasses Made?

Prescription sunglasses are made in the same way eyeglasses are made, with the additional step of adding a tinted lens and possibly a polarized coating. To make polarized sunglasses, we fit tinted lenses to your chosen frame. Then the lens goes through the process of surfacing, which conforms it to your desired prescription. Finally, we use chemical processes to add polarization if desired, to complete your prescription sunglasses.

Can I Get Polarized Prescription Sunglasses?

Yes! Polarized lenses are available to add to your prescription sunnies.

With polarized lenses, the amount of glare and eye strain experienced on a sunny day is reduced, providing further clarity to your vision.

There is an additional but not usually excessive cost to having your prescription lenses polarized, which varies depending on where you buy your sunglasses.

How Dark Can Prescription Sunglasses Be?

Prescription sunglasses can be as dark or light as the darkest or lightest lenses offered. If you'd like a darker pair of prescription sunglass lenses in your frames, you can choose them in the ordering process. Both light and dark prescription sunglasses lens options are available in many frames.

How Can You Buy the Best Prescription Sunglasses?

By doing your research you can get hold of all the information required to help you buy the best prescription sunglasses. There are some things that you have to consider that can help you in finding and identifying the best pair. To choose the best pair, you need to look at things like the frame material and lens material. Both of these pieces of information can help you obtain a high-quality pair at a good price – provided you buy your eyewear from the right online store.

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