Gaming Glasses

3CV features a variety of comfortable, protective gaming glasses. The lenses filter out blue light, reducing the effects of digital eye strain including headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. The premium, crystal clear lenses are designed to reduce color distortion, so you get the intended gaming experience. These stylish blue light block gaming glasses are built to be worn comfortably with or without a headset. Protect your eyes while using digital devices in a wide range of settings. A hard carrying case1 and microfiber pouch are included for safe and secure transport.

the best gaming glasses for your best gaming experience and eye health protection, ever. 3cv Gamer glasses are designed to fit beneath your headset, with a lightweight frame and aesthetics to match your set-up. Prescription eligible (or not, it's up to you), add blue light lenses to reduce eyestrain and improve performance. To protect your eyes from digital screens while enjoying games, explore the best Gaming Glasses at 3cv now!

Best Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Our blue light gaming glasses are engineered to eliminate headaches and eyestrain when looking at screens for long periods.

Whether you’re a PlayStation, XBOX, or PC fan, you need these blue light gaming glasses. Being exposed to too much blue light can cause headaches and fatigue. Our video game and computer gamer glasses help relieve your eyestrain as you play your favorite games, campaigns, and online tournaments. With your eyes being exposed to less blue light, these gaming glasses can also potentially help regulate better sleeping habits.

Featuring 100 percent UV protection, you won’t find another pair of video game glasses that provide this level of protection, comfort, and durability. Starting at only $5.95, these prescription vision gaming glasses come in various styles and colors. You can now game all day knowing your eyes are protected. 

Gaming Glasses FAQs

What do gamer glasses do?

The gamer glasses work similarly to any available computer glass. It performs a similar role by blocking the blue light with the help of a yellow tint or an amber tint. The special coating also helps protect against the harmful UV rays, which protect your eyes. It can also protect you from excessive screen time.

Do gaming glasses really work?

This is a common question asked by most people who sit in front of the computer screen to play games. Most people think these glasses do not make a major impact while gaming. However, they do. Such gaming shades and spectacles offer an increased size of the view. With the improved lens, they can block the harmful blue light rays from entering the eye.

What are the best gaming glasses to buy?

Any glass that can be protective from the digital screen and provide you with great protection against the UV rays could prove to be a superb choice. However, it is important to know about the glasses before you pick them.

Can you wear gaming glasses all day?

Wearing glasses while playing games or in front of the computer screen for hours can be good. The special property of these glasses has no adverse effects, and they also help reduce the harmful UV glasses from entering your eyes. These specially manufactured gaming glasses also provide you relief from dry eyes.

qWhy is blue light bad?

Many people do not understand the dangers of blue light and the effect it can have on your eyes if you do not wear any protective glasses. When people sit in front of computers for hours, the harmful lights can radiate, creating blurry visions with eyestrain. This will affect your eyes in multiple other ways and also make your health deteriorate.
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