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Square Glasses for Men and Women

Why change the classics? At 3CV, we offer hundreds of square glasses in different colors, sizes, and styles. Our frames are available in a variety of durable and luxe materials (quality is the name of our eyewear game!) Plastic and acetate square glasses are lightweight and comfy, whereas metallic pairs have a sleek, premium feel in modern rose gold or glittering gold tones.

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3CV is the best place to buy square glasses online. First, our selection is tough to beat, with a range of styles you know and love. All of our prescription lenses are scratch-resistant and block 100% of UV rays, and you can upgrade to a lens package that offers additional features. Square frames create a subtle-but-sophisticated look that many people find attractive.

Women's Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

What are square eyeglass frames?

Square eyeglasses are evenly proportioned with defined corners. Compared to rectangular frames, square specs offer extra height and are great for adding balance to the top half of the face. Square eyeglasses usually feature larger lenses, offering bold style and additional coverage for vision correction.

What face shape suits square eyeglasses?

Generally, more rounded faces will suit more angular frames, like square-shaped ones. Square frames also add the illusion of height, making them ideal for shorter faces. Round and oval faces look great with square eyeglasses.

Are square eyeglasses in style?

Square eyeglasses are a fashion staple for many people. Oversized square glasses frames are trendy now and ideal for adding personality and definition to your look. Try some square frames if you want a classic but-trendy vibe for your eyewear.

Should I get round or square glasses?

Great question! Deciding on a shape for your eyeglasses should primarily depend on your taste; you do you! But if you’re looking for a little direction on the best shape for you, considering your face shape can help. As a general rule, people with rounder faces look good in more square frames, while those of us with more angular faces suit circular frames. It’s all about that balance and proportion.

Are square glasses right for me?

Square frames are a versatile choice and look great at the office or when you’re keeping it casual. While they tend to complement round or oval face shapes, people with square or rectangular faces usually look good, too. You can preview your appearance in many frames with our Virtual Try-On tool.

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