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The Best Sunglasses for Men

Best prescription sunglasses for men are on 3CV. We have the best sunglasses including men's sunglasses, women's sunglasses, and kids' sunglasses. Complete your look with our selection of sports sunglasses and fashion styles to fit any occasion. Get lost in our huge selection of some of the most popular sunglasses offered online in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. Our fashion sunglasses for men are also available with polarized lenses that provide a complete UV protection.We're making it easy to get the perfect pair of shades.

Do You Know How to Select Men's Prescription Sunglasses?

Unless you know what to look for in your new men's prescription sunglasses, shopping for them at an online store (or offline store) can be quite intimidating. There are after all many who are buying their RX shades for the first time and some of us do not know what suits us. The good news is that there is no shortage of options for those who are looking to buy RX shades for men. There is an endless number of styles and options for you to choose from. Once you can buy the right pair, you will be left wondering how you managed without them.

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Best Men's Prescription Sunglasses at 3CV

Explore our collection of men's prescription sunglasses to discover frames to suit your style. Find sporty styles that refuse to budge, timeless frames that reflect your classic fashion sense, and on-trend options made to stand out.

Selecting the Best Prescription Sunglasses for Men

There are several factors to consider when selecting prescription sunglasses for men. First and foremost, you want to think about your lifestyle. Do you work outside or spend a good amount of your free time exposed to direct sunlight? If so, you might want to think about having whatever glasses you select polarized to reduce light glare. Beyond this, you want to look at an array of style options for men's sunglasses. This will introduce you to all of the various design choices available to you and give you a clearer idea of what options appeal most to you.

Ordering Men's Prescription Sunglasses From

Our customer service team is staffed by trained opticians, all of them dedicated to helping you find the right pair of men's prescription sunglasses. After you find the frames you want, an optician will confirm the prescription information you entered online is correct and matches the one your eye doctor gave you. Then they'll make sure the Rx sunglass lenses you ordered will work with your prescription, and that the frames you selected align with your specifications.

Our trained opticians can also help you enter your prescription correctly, determine your correct frame size, recommend the best lens material for your prescription, and choose frames that best match your face shape and lifestyle. Order your glasses online with confidence.

How to Buying 3CV Prescription Sunglasses for Men?

The best thing about buying men's prescription sunglasses at 3CV is simplicity. Just choose your frame and enter your prescription numbers carefully. All of our customization options are clearly explained, which should help you select a pair perfectly suited to your needs.

Men's Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

How to buy mens prescription sunglasses online?

Purchasing prescription sunglasses for men at 3CV.comis easy and affordable.

Step 1:Choose a sunglassesyou love from a huge selection (500+ styles).
Step 2:Add your prescription and customize your lenses.
Step 3:Complete your checkout and that's it! Your new pair of shades will arrive via free shipping right to your door.

Are prescription sunglasses for men worth it?

If you need prescription glasses, you definitely need prescription sunglasses for your outdoor activities. They provide quality protection from the sun's UV rays, as well as crystal clear vision with your unique prescription.

How to keep your prescription sunglasses clean?

To keep your prescription sunglasses in excellent condition, we recommend using warm water and wiping your lenses dry with a microfiber cloth.

What are the best prescription sunglasses for men?

The best prescription sunglasses for men fit their style and work for their activities and lifestyle. A good pair of sunglasses, like a good haircut, makes all the difference in a guy's looks. There was a time when men always completed an outfit with a hat. Today, an attractive pair of men's sunglasses complete any outfit. For some, an aviator style looks great, but others may want a more professional look and choose classic square-round shapes. Hipsters may like round glasses or brightly colored or clear frames. Men choose different lens colors, too. No matter the style, the fit should be perfect, and the lenses provide eye protection under the harshest conditions. If you wear prescription glasses, your sunglasses should be customized to your prescription and provide 100% UV protection, protecting you from serious eye conditions such as cataracts and photokeratitis. The health of your eyes is vital, so choose sunglasses that support clearer, a sharper vision even in bright sunlight. No matter where you live, you need sunglasses to deliver protection for your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays.

At 3CV, you can choose our high-quality Polarized Lenses for your prescription sunglasses. These highly effective polarized lenses drastically reduce glare, allowing you to see even on the beach or out on the water. This, in turn, helps minimize vision strain and eye fatigue, which are both directly related to glare. From boating to beach fun and other outdoor activities, a pair of our quality polarized sunglasses keep you protected from harmful glare and UV rays.

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