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Small glasses styles have made a recent comeback, with celebrities and influencers channeling the 1990s in their fashion choices. Cat-eye glasses with ultra-narrow profiles, tiny square glasses that only cover the wearer’s eyes, and barely-there small round rimless frames have been spotted on runways, blogs, and city streets. Shop stylish small eyeglasses to infuse your everyday wardrobe with originality, unexpected style, and color.

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Small Glasses for Men and Women

When eyeglasses were in their infancy, small frames were the norm. Now, these retro styles are coming back into vogue. If you have thick lenses, you can make them less noticeable with smaller frames and a wider bridge — small glasses are also an attractive fashion statement.

We have an extensive selection of small eyeglass frames for you to choose from. Gone are the days when this fashion statement is limited to the librarian who wears small eyeglasses on her nose. You can buy any style frame in a smaller size to add a petite accessory to your outfit. Plus, we sell both prescription and accessory frames for a fraction of our competitors’ costs.

Small Glasses FAQs

Why Are Small or Narrow Frames Hard to Find??

Typical brick-and-mortar retailers can only stock a limited number of products, so they generally choose to carry the frames that sell the most, which often means sticking to the most common sizes. cuts out the middleman, so we can offer you a much wider selection for ordering glasses online.

Are Small Frame Glasses Right for You?

Small frame glasses offer a distinction, unlike any other style. For many years, these were the only type of eyeglasses you could buy. But what was old often comes back around again, and that’s exactly what’s happening—these classic styles are making a resurgence. They’re especially popular with those who have very high prescriptions because they don’t accentuate the thickness of the lenses.

Where Can I Buy Small Glasses Frames?

3CV stocks a great selection of petite and narrow eyeglass frames for men and women with prices starting at just $5.95. Browse our collection of plastic and metal options in smaller sizes, including stylish browline, clear and aviator frames, then use our Virtual Try-On technology to fall in love with them before they even arrive.

What are the Advantages of Small Eyeglasses?

Small eyeglasses are a better option for people who need stronger prescriptions, as the smaller lens size and wider bridge help to conceal lens thickness and allow for stronger prescriptions to be less noticeable than in larger frames. Smaller profile glasses are also easier to store, and they tend to be very lightweight. When you choose a pair of small glasses, consider if you plan to wear them as an accessory or as an everyday necessity. Answering this question will help you narrow down which size and style are best for you.

Are Small Glasses in Style?

Yes! Small glasses have never really gone off-trend, but they are more popular now than they have been in the last two decades. Trendsetters have been sporting small sunglasses and eyeglasses that mirror popular trends from the 1990s, and the even earlier hippy-favored eyewear in the 1960s. The slim frames now come in creative colors, shapes, and materials, making it easy to add an air of uniqueness to your look.

How Do I Know if My Small Glasses Fit?

Like any pair of glasses, your small frames should rest comfortably across the bridge of your nose and behind your ears without pinching or leaving marks. The coverage area for a pair of small glasses may be less than a pair of regular-sized glasses, and you will want to consider the eye, bridge, and temple measurements in your small eyewear for the optimal fit.

Will Small Eyeglasses Flatter My Face Shape?

Yes. Small glasses can work well with most face shapes. Wearers with round or oval faces should consider small square glasses with statement-making details to add lines and definition to their faces. If you have a square face shape, then a pair of small, narrow cat-eye frames can soften the angles of your face. For glasses wearers with a heart-shaped face can opt for small glasses with a wider profile and accented browline, to balance the forehead and chin.

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