Prescription Safety Goggles

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Safety glasses are protective eyewear that adheres to specific standards to meet requirements set out to help prevent eye-related injuries.

Whether you work or just simply enjoy outdoor activities, getting the right pair of safety glasses can help reduce the risk of eye damage or illnesses caused by external factors. Safety eyewear can range from innovative designs and lens technology to fit any occasion.

Safety glasses should have durable and heat-resistant frames that comply with safety eyewear regulations. The lenses in safety glasses also stand by specific requirements that have a higher standard compared to regular glasses or sunglasses. Safety glasses should have lenses that have high impact resistance which can have Plano or prescription lenses.

With 3CV you'll find a range of high-quality protective eyewear at affordable prices for the whole family to enjoy.

Prescription Safety Goggles & Glasses

Offering safety glasses with your prescription in a variety of frames and lenses to help your company meet its safety goals

Convenient, customizable and affordable prescription safety glasses

3CV is your expert provider in everyday eyewear, but did you know we also offer safety glasses in a variety of frames and lenses to help your company meet its safety goals? With our safety eyewear program, 3CV provides your company and its employees with convenient, customizable, and affordable prescription safety glasses.

Call us or email us today to learn more about the America's Best Safety Eyewear Program and to get your employees started in using prescription safety eyewear while on the job.

3CV Understands Your Company's Safety Glasses Requirements

At 3CV, we know that companies look for certain things, including superior customer service, quality products, reliability with delivery, and competitive pricing. 3CV offers all of these things along with convenience and professional service in our Safety Eyewear Program. Put our expertise to work for you!

The 3CV online professional staff who will help your employees in choosing the best frames and lenses for your company's needs. Additionally, all of our safety eyewear products meet all OSHA and ANSI Z-87.1-2003 standards. Your company has unique needs, and we work with you to create a customized program to address the needs of your employees while at the same time meeting the safety, operational and financial requirements of your company.

Wide Selection of Functional and Fashionable Safety Eyewear

The 3CV Safety Eyewear Program offers safety glasses with a wide variety of frame styles and lens options, including

  • Plastic, metal, titanium and non-conductive frames
  • CR-39, polycarbonate and glass lens materials
  • Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive lenses
  • Ultraviolet and anti-reflective coatings
  • Tinting, polarized, or transitions lenses
  • Permanent or detachable protective side shields
  • All Safety Eyewear meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI Z-87.1-2003 standards

Schedule Eye Exams for Safety Prescription Glasses

We are happy to help your employees who need an updated prescription by completing their eye exams. Your company and employees can depend on our professional staff who will tell you how to get your latest prescription. If your employees have a current prescription, we are also happy to honor the existing prescription and assist them in selecting frames and lenses for their prescription safety glasses.

Implementing Your Safety Eyewear Program

The 3CV Safety Eyewear Program helps you easily administer your program with professional advice, quality service, and employee convenience. For more information on the 3CV Safety Eyewear Program, contact us or email us. Thank you for considering 3CV to provide your company's safety eyewear.

Protect Their Vision, Whatever the Danger

As the leading manufacturer of prescription glasses in the world, 3CV is proud to offer our superior lens technology and innovation in prescription safety glasses. Our dedication to exceptional quality and devotion to rigorous research and development is evident in every aspect of our Safety Glasses. 3CV is passionate about performance, and it shows.

Our prescription safety glasses feature exclusive lens technology. This helps ensure your employees will experience their best possible vision in all situations while on the job. Then, we combine these technologies with the impact and chemical resistance of rugged polycarbonate materials. The result is workplace eyewear that is durable, accurate, comfortable, and meets all the latest ANSI Z87.1-2015 standards.

We pride ourselves in working with all companies whose employees need prescription safety eyewear. The industry segments featured below are recognized as standouts for needing the kind of prescription safety glasses that we provide. For more information on how we work with these industries for their safety eyewear needs, click on the industry title below. To talk with someone about a prescription safety eyewear program to meet the needs of your company, fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace workers face real challenges for eye and vision safety. Our safety eyewear experts can help.

Construction Industry

Under constant deadlines, busy construction sites require diligence to maintain eye and vision safety.

Food Packaging Industry

Constantly running machinery and a variety of materials is a challenge to a worker's vision safety.

Oil & Gas Industry

Eye safety is under continual threat from welding, machine work, drilling, and handling caustic fluids.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Safety eyewear helps protects workers from the spectrum of dangers present in their work environment.

Industrial Programs

Our industrial programs can be customized to fit the needs of workplaces requiring personal protective eyewear.

Prescription Safety Goggles FAQs

Why is it important to wear safety glasses?

According to the CCOHS, thousands of people sustain work-related eye injuries every day. Your eyes can get damaged whether you use digital devices regularly or work with more ‘ dangerous' elements.

The majority of the injuries are preventable but you should still consider the type of eyewear you are using for the type of activity. For example, if you are working on a computer every day you are exposed to harmful glare emitted by the digital device. The glare can cause eye strain, and headaches, and mess up your sleeping patterns. That's why we'd recommend adding zFORT® Blue light blocking to your glasses. Blue light-blocking glasses can help block glare and reduce eye damage.

So when does it become important to wear safety glasses? You can use specific sports glasses to help protect your eyes and vision. For example, ski goggles are a great match to protect your eyes while skiing down cold slopes.

But when it comes to working with hazardous elements you will want to consider wearing appropriate safety glasses for these reasons:

  1. They help protect your eyes from common and preventable injuries
  2. If you work with hazardous elements, like debris or chemicals, you can reduce significantly the danger of causing an eye injury
  3. Visual clarity while working with diverse machines
  4. You can also get prescription safety glasses for sports
  5. By using the correct safety eyewear you'll reduce the risk of eye illnesses

If you are curious to learn more about buying prescription safety glasses have a look at our Optical Center article and explore more eye-related care advice.

How to stop safety glasses from fogging up?

There are various reasons as to why our glasses tend to fog up and in our article How to prevent glasses from fogging up, you'll find everything you need to know.

When it comes to safety glasses you'll see that the issues and solutions are very similar to those of regular prescription glasses.

The main reasons for your glasses fogging up are:

  1. Lens coating degrading over time
  2. Incorrect care of your eyeglasses
  3. Condensation

If you want to help prevent your glasses from fogging up you can follow some of the steps below:

  • Using anti-fogging solutions (sprays, gels, wipes)
  • Keep your eyewear further away from your face
  • Anti-fog coatings

Anti-fogging solutions or coatings are a good investment when you regularly use safety glasses. Your glasses fogging up can be annoying but also dangerous if you are working with hazardous elements. It is recommended that safety glasses lenses should have a permanent anti-fog coating which you can use in any weather condition.

Find out more about diverse lens coatings that can help not only with fogging up but also protect your glasses and eyes daily.

Do safety glasses have to be OSHA-approved?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets in place rules and guidelines that focus on protecting workers in the workplace. One of the requirements specifies that workers should have appropriate eyewear when eye-related injuries are most likely to happen.

As we mentioned above, when working with hazardous elements it is important to protect your eyes with safety glasses. The particular regulation OSHA 1910.133 means that safety glasses need to be tested and approved for the workplace by meeting certain standards.

So in short, yes, safety glasses should be approved by OSHA regulations. It is important that the glasses in question clearly state whether they are OSHA-approved or not. You may also find that standard protective eyewear has an ANSI rating. The latter assures that the safety glasses meet impact resistance and visual clarity requirements.

Where to buy safety glasses?

Many eyewear retailers in-store and online will have a range of diverse safety eyewear you can find.

Whether you are looking to buy prescription safety glasses or non-prescription lenses, remember to check for OHSA and/or ANSI regulations.

With 3CV you can find safety glasses and sports sunglasses for work or leisure, to which you can add protective coatings to help enhance your performance. In the Optical Center, you also find a range of information about glasses and sunglasses you can purchase online.

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