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Get the best prices on prescription rimless eyeglasses online at 3CV.com. Rimless glasses frames use their minimalist charm and streamlined design to highlight your most important facial features: your eyes!
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Look sleek and smart in rimless glasses. Classy and vintage, these sturdy rimless frames will instantly accentuate your charm. Perfect choice for any professionals in formal occasions in the USA.

It is often said that the eyes are the window to your soul. However, people with glasses often feel that their eyes are not clearly visible behind thick frames. They also believe that glasses steal their facial beauty. If you have similar thoughts, then rimless glasses are the perfect solution to your problem. Rimless glasses are just lenses mounted on metal temples and a nose bridge. Not only do they give crystal clear visibility to your eyes but also have a timeless minimalistic appeal. They hold the power to make the wearer look trustworthy and genuine.

Rimless glasses emerged during the fag end of the 19th Century and were extremely popular till mid 20th Century. They still continue to be a coveted choice for professionals and students because of their sleek look and non bulky appearance. In fact, round shaped rimless glasses were more popular.

Best Rimless Glasses Online

Rimless glasses are designed so that the frames are as unobtrusive as possible. Compared to full-rim and semi-rimless glasses, the lenses in rimless glasses are attached directly to the bridge and temples of the glasses. Rimless eyeglasses are lightweight, stylish and well suited for those who wear glasses all the time and want a pair that goes with everything. They are an excellent choice for a minimalist look with no frills.

At 3cv, we house hundreds of affordable rimless glasses. With so many different types and shapes of prescription eyeglasses, one may get confused about zeroing on the right pair. However, if you are looking for a pair that is weightless, affordable and has a stunning look, then rimless frames are the perfect minimalistic glasses for you. So, shop with us today to find eyewear you love and style your look with rimless glasses that anyone can look great in!

Rimless Glasses FAQs

Why you should buy rimless glasses?

They are perfect for a stronger prescription which requires thick lenses

They are trendy glasses and can give you a well-read and intellectual look

They look smart and sophisticated and can add glamour to your overall look

They are extremely lightweight as the frame is absent and hence, are perfect for those who wear glasses throughout the day

Forget the indentations left by bulky frames on your face

As obstruction of frame does not exist, rimless glasses have a wider field of vision

They offer an amazing clarity of vision at an affordable cost

Feather-light titanium rimless frames are corrosion-free and hypoallergenic and are built to last

Who looks good in rimless glasses?

If you’re worried that rimless glasses make you look older, you haven’t found the perfect rimless frame shape for your face. You can choose a frame based on your face shape to look more fashionable with a minimalist and easy-to-wear vibe for any occasion.

For round faces try square rimless glasses, they will create contrast with rounded facial features. Or, go bold with oversized lenses. Even a heart-shaped face suits square rimless frames and can rock wayfarer frames with colorful temples.

Rimless glasses have diverse frame designs, so any face shape can find the right pair that will help you achieve a professional look. Find the pair of your dreams and keep them looking new with a few simple tips.

How to clean rimless glasses?

Learn everything you need to know about how to clean your glasses with our guide! But, with rimless glasses, be sure to pay particular attention.

Follow the same steps and treat your rimless lenses with extra care, as you do not have a frame to support them.

• Wash your hands

• Use lukewarm water and rinse your glasses

• Use appropriate eyewear cleaning solution on your lenses and temples

• Rinse your glasses again with lukewarm water

• Air dry or use a microfiber cloth

What are the best rimless glasses?

When purchasing rimless glasses, you’ll also want to find high-quality, durable frame and lens materials. Metal, such as titanium, is durable and lightweight. Although it’s a bit more pricy, they provide a great option for rimless glasses that will last a long time.

For the best lens materials, have a read through our article, What Are Rimless Glasses, to learn everything there is to know so you can find what you love with 3cv.

Are You Ready to Buy Rimless Prescription Glasses?

If you are very fashion conscious, then it makes sense for you to buy rimless prescription glasses. They are designed to make you look very elegant and at the same time, they not only protect your eyes but also improve your vision. They have a modern vibe to them and the best part is that they are extremely light and so, are good for everyday use. today’s rimless eyewear is not at all nerdy and in fact it is designed to make you look your best. It is available in a myriad of color options and you can pick and choose from several designs as well.

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