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Wide Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Everybody is different. Some of us might need a bit more room for a comfortable fit, and that’s where big frame glasses come in. You’ll find many of our frames in larger sizes — and that’s because the perfect fit can make a massive difference when it comes to comfort.

If you have a set of eyeglasses already, our frame measurement guide is a great way to figure out your frame size. Just click the link, grab your glasses, and follow the simple steps.

Choosing a Color for Big Glasses

Big frame glasses are bold and noticeable by nature, so choosing a shade that matches the aesthetic you’re aiming for is essential. Big glasses in black or dark tortoise offer a retro-but-sophisticated vibe, while a brighter ivory tortoise or pink frame will effortlessly become the centerpiece of your outfit.

Standout Frame Shapes for Large Glasses

You’ll find larger glasses in almost any shape you can imagine. Your face shape can help guide your choice if you’re undecided. People with rounder features can add some contrast with a square or rectangular frame, while more angular faces can make a circular or oval framework well. Ultimately, you should choose the frame shape that you like best!

Wide Frame Glasses FAQs

What Are Extra-Wide Frames?

Glasses frames come in a range of sizes, from petite and narrow to extra-wide. Finding your perfect fit is important because it impacts the functionality of vision correction and the overall comfort of your glasses. Extra-wide frames are built wider from hinge to hinge than all the other sizes.

How Wide Are Extra-Wide Frames?

As with clothing sizes, eyewear sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In general, though, a frame width of 138 millimeters or more is classified as a wide frame.

How Do I Know If I Need Extra-Wide Glasses?

If you're shopping for your first pair of corrective eyeglasses, you may not know how glasses should look and feel. Using our Virtual Try-On is a great way to make sure you like the style of a frame, but the fit is largely a matter of comfort. If your frames feel tight or press against your temples, you should consider wider glasses. Your eyes will appear less centered in the lenses of too-small eyewear, and because of how glasses are made, your vision may also be blurry.

How Should Glasses Frames Fit?

Properly fitted glasses should feel comfortable at your bridge and behind your ears. The frame should not extend any wider than the overall width of your head or touch your cheeks. Even trendy, oversized frames should fall within these parameters.

Where Can I Buy Extra-Wide Glasses Frames?

Optical4U Glasses carries an assortment of fashionable, extra-wide glasses frames for men and women starting at just $5.95.

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