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Discount Glasses at 3CV

3CV offers more than just discount eyeglasses frames. We offer quality prescription lenses that to complete the frame. When you buy glasses online, you would want to get everything in one place, because in the end, being online should mean convenience. This is what we are all about as well. You can grab a pair of prescription eyeglasses made just the way you want. We have both reading glasses and sunglasses, as well as sports glasses, and safety glasses making us your one-stop-shop for all eyewear.

Our frames and lenses are sourced from quality materials and vendors. The materials used in our frames are lightweight yet sturdy, making them comfortable for wearers while ensuring structural sturdiness. Our lenses are made with lightweight plastic that is coated with an impact-resistant coating that strengthens its resistance against the daily rough and tumbles.

What makes us the best discount glasses online store? Affordable high-quality eyewear. We are renowned for our awesome deals that are rolled out nearly every month; and whether you need single vision or progressive lenses, we have every lens combination covered. Even for the first time shoppers, finding a pair of inexpensive glasses here is easy as pie.

Buying Discount Glasses at 3CV

The first step is to browse our huge selection of affordable glasses. It may seem daunting to go through 1,000 frames, but we have already done the curating so you don’t have to. You can narrow your search results with our filters on the side to show exactly what you want. Let's say you are looking for aviator sunglasses, then just select aviator shape and sunglasses from the side and that is all you will see on the page.

After picking out the right frame, adding prescription lenses to your order is the next order of business. All our prescription lenses come with a functional coating that includes essential features such as UV block, impact-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection. When you buy eyeglasses with us, you are buying more than just clear vision; you are buying safety and comfort for your eyes as well. Some shoppers may not have their prescription handy, or they simply don’t have a recent one because they haven’t had time for an appointment. Don’t let that hold you back! Make the order, then inform our customer service representative that you will need time to go to your eye doctor to obtain your prescription. We will gladly hold on to the glasses for you.

Everyone has their unique style and eyeglasses can be an excellent fashion accessory to help complete that look. It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or casual, traditional or trendy, fun or flirty; we have all those styles and everything in between so you can find the perfect discount prescription eyeglasses to match your personality. Our collection features hundreds of cheap prescription glasses starting at only $5.95 that are all of the highest quality.

Face Shapes

We have the right style for your face shape. Because like cheese and wine, the best combinations occur when two elements complement each other. Know your face shape, and you can find the best discount glasses to go with it. Frame shapes can be used to accentuate or understate your facial features, depending on how you choose to express your personality. For example, if you have a round face, a pair of round glasses would reinforce the roundness, and rectangular glasses would deemphasize the roundness. The degree to which you match or contrast will contribute to the expression of your personality and your look.

Lenses that Protect

Our lenses do more than just correct vision. They offer UV protection and glare protection. They are also resistant to scratches and daily impact. So not only can you get discount glasses frames here, but you can also buy lenses that will do more than just let you see better.

Discount Glasses FAQs

Is it safe to buy discount prescription glasses online?

Yes, absolutely! This is because 3CV does not compromise on quality when making discount eyeglasses at its factory. You can therefore shop with confidence at this site that backs its eyewear with strict quality checks to ensure that every product meets its high standards for quality.

How long will my discount glasses last?

Mostly, our discount glasses last for a long time and we are confident that the quality of our discount prescription glasses will meet your expectations and even exceed them. However, we do recommend that you take good care of your glasses and that you handle them with care to ensure that you can extend their lifetime.

Where should I buy my discount prescription glasses from?

3CV is the best online store for all your discount prescription glasses needs. You can easily find the most suitable pair at our site by browsing our vast selection of eyewear by size, shape, material, gender, and with thousands of pairs to choose from, this will make your task that much easier. We have worked very hard to offer you affordable and discounted prescription glasses and discount glasses. Just choose your favorite pair and add it to your cart and upload your prescription and choose lens enhancements and you are ready to own the best pair of discount eyeglasses.

What kind of discount glasses can I buy online?

At 3CV we stock numerous shapes and styles including classic and the very popular wayfarer style. Also, we have tons of other styles for you to choose from. This means that you will find it very easy to buy the right kind of discount glasses at our store. Whether you want to buy a pair for yourself or for your family, we have everything that you could possibly want including aviators, round and oval frames as well as cat eye and rimmed and square glasses.

Can I buy high-quality discount eyeglasses online?

The products that we at 3CV sell online are of the same if not better quality than what you would get at any retail store. We make our own eyewear and have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing the very highest quality eyewear. We also apply the TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL method to ensure that every eyewear item passes our strictest quality checks.

How to Buy Discount Glasses?

It makes a lot of sense for you to buy discount glasses online. There are tons of online stores that are selling cheap glasses but you want to make sure that you are buying from an online store that is reputable and honest. You should therefore check all of them out and also make sure that you check their reviews and testimonials to help you buy from the most honest and trustworthy store. You need to also understand your vision holistically before you buy your discount prescription glasses.

What Are the Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying Discount Glasses?

It is a good idea to spend some time finding the best discount glasses online. However, before you make up your mind, there are a few things that you need to consider. For one, you need to understand your vision needs and then you can buy cheap eyeglasses online that fit those requirements. The more you research your options, the better your chances of finding the right pair. The good news is that you can find many online stores that are ready to offer you cheap eyeglasses that are both of good quality as well as affordably priced.

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