Semi Rimless Glasses

Semi Rimless Glasses for Men, and Women

Semi-rimless eyeglasses are also known as half-rim glasses. Shop high-quality half-rim eyeglasses online. Trendy and classic styles in every color, size, and shape.

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Semi Rimless Glasses for Men, and Women

Shop the largest selection of Semi Rimless glasses online. Trendy and classic styles in every color, size, and shape.

Semi Rimless Glasses FAQs

What Are Semi-Rimless Glasses Frames?

Semi-rimless glasses feature a solid frame at the top along the browline and little or no frame around the sides and bottom of the lenses. Instead, a thin wire or thread holds the lens in place.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Semi-Rimless Glasses?

Semi-rimless glasses are lightweight and inconspicuous. Thanks to their less-visible nature, Semi-rimless frames are a great choice for those who want to feel like they're not wearing glasses at all. Once you determine the size glasses you need, you can browse lots of shapes and accent colors to find the Semi-rimless glasses that suit your personality. Our Virtual Try-On lets you see exactly how Semi-rim glasses will complement your look.

Are Semi-Rimless Glasses Frames in Style?

Yes. Semi-rimless styles are very popular, especially for formal occasions like weddings and school dances.

Who Should Wear Semi-Rim Glasses Frames?

Anyone. Semi-rimless frames suit many face shapes and lifestyles. If you're choosing glasses for your kid who hates the idea of wearing them, this could be a great compromise that helps them acclimate to their prescription. Whether you're looking to elevate your professional style or keep a second pair on hand for an alternative look, Semi-rimless glasses frames are a great choice.

Where Can I Buy Semi-Rimless Glasses

Find a wide selection of high-quality, Semi-rim and Semi-rimless glasses frames for men, women and kids at, starting at just $5.95.

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