Horn Rimmed Glasses

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Horn-rimmed glasses have been around for nearly as long as eyeglasses themselves. Originally made of genuine animal horns or tortoiseshell, these stylish frames are now made from animal-free materials. Explore our collection of horn-rimmed glasses for men and women in a variety of shapes and colors.

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Horn-Rimmed Eyeglasses Online

Horn-rimmed glasses are a staple of eyewear fashion and first rose to fame in the ‘60s. Since then, they’ve continued to accentuate looks and stand the test of time to become one of the most popular styles around.

Horn-rimmed silhouettes are a top choice for any eyewear fan and our range is ready to be admired. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and find your favorite pair with our Virtual Try-On tool.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses FAQs

What Are Horn-Rimmed Glasses?

At one time the term 'horn-rimmed' referred to the material in the frames, but now refers to their design elements, including color or pattern. Horn-rimmed eyeglasses traditionally featured a thick-rimmed browline, in contrast with the contemporary thin-rimmed or rimless metal frames of the day. This distinctive feature made them stand out from the 'barely-there' look of other eyewear styles.

Today, you'll find horn-rimmed eyeglasses in all sizes and colors, and varying degrees of thickness. You'll also find 'hybrid' styles that sport a combination of thin metal rims with a thick browline.

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Do horn-rimmed glasses suit round faces?

If you have a round or oval face, horn-rimmed glasses are designed to bring out your features. With their bold and upsweep look, you are sure to look scholarly and chic at the same time. Whether for RX or non-prescription lenses, Marvel Optics carries an exquisite selection of horn-rimmed glasses at cost-affordable prices. Simply browse our online eyewear gallery today for the best deals and free shipping specials.

What face shape do horn-rimmed glasses look good on?

horn-rimmed glasses are ideal for faces with prominent or angular features. However, these popular glasses also look good on people with oval or round-shaped faces. Their signature winged horn-rimmed shapes balance wide jawlines on the triangle or square faces as well. The rounded lenses even soften sharp facial features – making horn-rimmed perfect for all types of faces and age groups.

Who should wear horn-rimmed glasses?

horn-rimmed glasses are an adaptable style that flatters a wide range of face types, and the combination that best serves you is determined by your most distinct facial features. With the wide variety of designs available, finding the ideal horn-rimmed glasses for you is simple. horn-rimmed glasses with strong, angular edges are excellent for round features; these startling factors will help enhance delicate facial characteristics and rounded cheekbones.

Are horn-rimmed glasses flattering?

The gradual bend at the bottom of horn-rimmed glasses can lend some soft contours to those with a lot of harsh edges on their cheeks, such as people with a well-defined jaw bones. horn-rimmed glasses are typically attractive since they draw attention to your cheekbones. The bottom frames of the framework follow an upwards and outwards curve of the face. They also can elevate the entire face's characteristics and enhance the eyes.

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