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From the office to the patio, browse men's glasses that look suave for across every corner of the USA. Explore designer brands and more. Find a pair that can keep up with your busy routine.

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Men’s glasses shouldn’t just help you see - they should say something about you. 3CV has an unrivalled collection of best-selling glasses frames for men. Our online filters make it easy and fun to choose the perfect men’s prescription glasses for your face type or shop for the best glasses lenses for men. With an extensive catalog of glasses frames for men and all the latest styles from the leading brands, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of men’s eyeglasses.

Buy Men's Glasses Online From 3CV

Men's glasses online come in various styles. Whether you are looking for Rx sunglasses or eyeglasses, 3CV has a wide range to suit your style. Be it vintage spectacles to modern frames, buy glasses online at USA's lowest price.

Which glasses look best on men?

The real answer is that men can wear glasses of any colour, design and style. However, men can use the face shape guide to see which frames look good on them. Check out which glasses frames suit your face shape!

Square face - Eyeglasses and sunglasses with round frames or oval frames will look smart on men with a square face shape. These frames will elevate your features more!

Round face - Men with round face shape should opt for square or rectangular frames. They help elongate your face shape and make them look perfect with softer, rounder features!

Oval face - Men who have oval face shape can wear any pair of glasses. This face shape is versatile and works with any style of frames!

Heart face - Men with heart face shape can opt for rimless glasses for a subtle look. You can also go for round frames!

Frames materials to choose from:

Metal frames: If you wish to have thin frames, then metal frames are an ideal choice. They usually have a flexible nose pad attached for a perfect fit. You can choose from gold, silver, matte black finish or gunmetal frames for a sophisticated look. Metal frames are more popular in the category of men's glasses!

Plastic Frames: These frames are light and come with moulded nose pads. As compared to metal frames glasses, plastic or acetate frames glasses have more colour choice. You can choose from bold colour frames to trendy tortoiseshell frames or subtle translucent frames!

Men's Glasses Trends

Nowadays, the latest trends in men’s glasses have a fusion of modern with a retro touch. From bold coloured frames to designer tortoiseshell glasses are highly in demand. Men’s glasses have also gained popularity recently since you will see many A-listers, celebrities, and models wearing full-rimmed thick frames.

3CV offers over 1500 men’s glasses and prescription sunglasses online. Whether you are looking for sporty sunglasses, pilot sunglasses or glasses for everyday use, we have all the frames in the latest designs. It is not necessary that you need corrective lenses to wear glasses or sunglasses. Eyewear fashion for men has evolved a lot, wearing trendy glasses and sunglasses accentuates your look more.

Shop for the Best Men's Glasses Online

With so many sophisticated, and trendy options, from any budget, style, and face shape, at 3CV rest assured that you’ll find a great pair of men’s glasses to match your style all year round. You’ll never get tired of the in-trend and unique choices available for you to browse online.

Whether you are simply looking for men’s glasses frames or prescription glasses, you’ll want to find durable and high-quality eyewear. No matter the lifestyle you have, at 3CV you’ll find many men’s glasses to fit your every need.

If you are looking for a new pair of eyeglasses that fit comfortably on your face and also have protective coatings, then browse through lots of affordable men’s glasses that not only will give you the look you are looking for but also help protect your eyes.

Mens Glasses FAQs

What are popular men’s glasses?

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to how they look and it’s no different for eyeglasses.

So with so many different frames, colors, styles, filters, and protective coatings for men’s glasses, how do you choose the right pair for you and always be in fashion?

Let’s start with fashionable but simple Clear glasses frames, break from the bold colours and give off a hip vibe with translucent eyeglasses. Clear frames can be the classic clear frame or transparent colours, our clear frame men’s glasses in various translucent frames and styles. Clear frames are trendy and cool and can fit most skin tones and outfits.

Round frames are another popular style that many guys love. Try on a stylish pair of round men’s glasses frames with the 3CV virtual try-on tool and convince yourself that these are the pair for you.

Sometimes nothing beats a good old pair of classic square frames. Achieve a classic and timeless look with many shapes and colours that make square frames a great fit for modern men. Why not combine this stylish frame with transparent frame colour and blue light blocking? What a match! Look cool with ageless and refreshing Transparent Square frames day and night.

Or maybe you are tired of using full-rimmed frames and want to revamp your look. Then check out men’s rimless glasses with strong metal arms and adjustable nose pads, to ensure the best eye comfort after a long day at work.

How to choose men’s glasses?

If you are looking for men’s glasses frames or also prescription glasses then there are a few things to keep in mind when hunting for the right pair.

What are you going to be using the glasses for? Whether you are an adventurous outdoor person or someone who enjoys binging Netflix, the frame shape is important when choosing a pair of glasses to fit comfortably.

Looking to inspire people to choose peace and not war? If you have a square-shaped face, with strong facial features then a pair of round frames will best choice for you.

Oval shaped faces do have balanced facial features and allow for many styles to look great on this shape. You could try classic square frames with embellishments or change up the look with a pair of retro cat-eyed men’s glasses frames.

Curious to learn more about what frame would suit your face shape? With easy steps and a full face shape guide to access easily online, you’ll never have to struggle to find the perfect pair of men’s glasses.

How wide are men’s glasses?

When choosing a pair of eyeglasses you also need to take into consideration the size. If you purchase a pair of glasses that are too tight or too loose you won’t be able to enjoy your new pair of glasses and allow for a comfortable fit.

If these are your first pair of glasses you can take the measurement yourself and find the correct size that will sit comfortably on your face. You can do this by using a mirror and a ruler. Stand in front of the mirror and with the ruler measure the distance between your temples. Once you have your measurement you can confront it to the size chart and determine the perfect glasses frame size for you.

If you already have a pair of eyeglasses then you can find your frame and lens width by looking at the 3 measurements on the inside of your glasses’ arms. There are important measurements that indicate the lens diameter (1st size), the bridge width (2nd number), and the length of the arm (3rd measurement).

Normally if your frame size for eyeglasses is 50mm or below your glasses fit will be considered small. Between 51-54mm the fit for your frames will be medium and is one of the most common sizes. If you have a large fit then your measurements will start from 56mm.

Where Do I Buy Men’s Glasses Online? has one of the largest online collections of men’s glasses online. Whether you need a pair of men’s sport-specific glasses or you’re shopping for a new pair of fashion frames to add couture appeal to your professional attire, look no further than our collection of prescription eyeglasses for men.

What Men's Glasses Are in Style?

Rectangular and round frame glasses are dependable glasses styles that never go off-trend. When shopping for men's glasses, consider the utility of the frames as well as how they look. With our wide selection of styles, colors, and shapes, you can easily find the perfect frames to satisfy your style preferences and your wallet.

Which Men’s Glasses Will Look Good With My Face Shape?

Men with a round or oval face should choose rectangular or square glasses with straight, clean lines to balance their features. Men with square faces will want to look for rounded or oval frames to add softness to their pronounced jawlines.

Prescription Eyeglasses for Men

Men's glasses shouldn't just help you see - they should say something about you. 3CV has an unrivalled collection of best-selling glasses frames for men. Our online configurators make it easy and fun to choose the perfect men's prescription glasses for your face type or shop for the best eyeglasses lenses for men. With an extensive catalog of glasses frames for men and all the latest styles, we're sure you'll find the perfect pair of men's eyeglasses.

How to Wear Men's Prescription Glasses?

Wearing men's prescription glasses has become very common these days. You, as a man, can develop weak eyesight for several reasons. It could be your genes and it can also be on account of having to work in front of a computer screen for long hours. Even your diet affects how good or bad your eyesight is. In any case, these days it has become common for men to wear eyeglasses. When choosing your next pair, you need to pick something that corrects your vision and which also makes you look good at the same time.

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