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Shop our selection of stylish and affordable clear glasses online. From prescription cat eye clear glasses to round, we offer transparent eyeglasses for men and women.
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Smarten up your look with clear glasses. The translucent frames are all over the eyewear trend in the USA. Stay current with the see-through style. Subtly add a modern flair to your look. Check out our stylish clear frame glasses in a variety of styles. From cat eye clear glasses to round, we have a pair of clear frames for every look!

Best Clear Glasses Online

A new trend has risen and many now have embraced a new way to make an eyewear statement that is great for both women and men, fun to have and fits almost any type of person: the clear frame glasses.

Clear glasses have gained popularity in the last few years, both with the usual customer and even some major celebrities, mainly because they are easy to wear. The translucent frames fit almost any person’s complexion, age, and face shape, the colorless frame doesn’t overwhelm your face even if you choose a larger frame size or a colorful translucent frame.

Clear glasses to allow for diverse types of looks that can be interchanged from simply a staying-at-home look to a Friday night out in the city, as they work with almost any outfit or style. If you are looking for a fresh new look, that is effortless to accessorize with the majority of your outfits, for any type of occasion, maybe you’d be interested in checking out the wide range of clear glasses and clear frame glasses that 3cv has to offer, such as aviator or cat eye frames.

At 3cv you will also have the opportunity to upgrade to clear prescription glasses and choose from a variety of lenses to make you look even more stylish on a nice sunny day with a pair of clear frame sunglasses.

Clear Glasses FAQs

Who Looks Good in Clear and Translucent Glasses Frames?

Clear glasses frames complement nearly every complexion, eye color and face shape. Clear glasses is a great choice for adding a unique touch of personality to your look without overpowering your features, which is why clear frames are trendy for women and men right now.

Are Clear and Translucent Frames Different?

Yes. Clear frames have no color in them. Translucent frames come in an array of colors, including multicolor options. Both types of frames allow light to filter through the frame for a subtle and airy effect.

Who Looks Good in Clear and Translucent Frame Glasses?

Because of their subtlety, clear glasses frames complement nearly every complexion, eye color and face shape. They're a great choice for adding a unique touch of personality to your look without overpowering your features, which is why clear frames are trendy for women and men right now.

Will Clear Glasses Make Me Look Younger?

Yes. These fashionable clear glasses brighten your skin tones for a more youthful appearance. Don't believe us? Use our Virtual Try-On and see for yourself how they light up your face.

What Can I Wear With Translucent and Clear Glasses?

These versatile frames go with virtually any color or style of outfit. Note that dark clothing will draw attention away from clear or translucent frames, whereas light or neutral tones will make your glasses stand out more.

How Should I Clean Clear Glasses Frames?

The best way to clean your clear or translucent frames is with warm water and dish soap. Rinse thoroughly, then dry with a clean, soft cloth. No matter how often you replace your eyewear , you'll always find a wide selection of high-quality men's and women's frames starting at just $5.95 at

Are clear glasses in style?

The short answer is yes. Clear glasses have been popular since early 2016 but have increased in demand and are now rocking the streets, where men and women, celebrities and not celebrities, use this new eyewear for a fresh, new, and easy look. And because of this, the new and easy way to accessorize your style, many people have been adding clear frames to their collection. A trend that doesn’t seem to fade any time soon, offers a younger look and a minimalist style for the modern-day professional.

At 3cv we offer clear glasses that will allow you to find a fun new identity when you want to change up your style and give it a fresh look, or simply express your own individuality and personality.

Are clear glasses frames in style?

Clear glasses frames are always in style thanks to their minimalistic timeless design.

Who do clear glasses look good on?

Generally, clear framed glasses look good on almost everyone, because of their translucent frames you can combine them with any outfit and still have a stylish and fresh look. It can be considered a universal eyewear style with many designs and colors. Although clear glasses are a universal style that can fit diverse colored eyes, skin tone, hair color, or age, it is still important that you pick the right design and measurements for your face shape.

If you have more of an oval face, we’d recommend for example to complement your features with a cat-eye pair of clear framed glasses, with either a translucent or colorful clear frame. For those who have a more square face shape a stylish pair of oval or round clear frames would not detract from your strong facial features.

Round face shapes with a rounded chin and full check would benefit from designs such as rectangle frames and in particular with bright clear frame colors, which can complement your style.

Finally, if you have a more heart face shape, with high cheekbones, we’d recommend Wayfarer frames or wraparound, like a pair of clear designer Ray-Ban frames. To find more information about your face shape and what designs and colors suit you best, you can refer to our face shape guide.

In regards to measuring the right clear frames for you simply look on the inside of your current glasses, check the temple, and see the eye size of the lens (first number), the bridge (second) and temple measurement (third). If you do not have access to these measurements, you can also refer to our size chart, after taking the measurements yourself by using a mirror and a ruler to find the distance between one temple to another.

How to keep your clear glasses from yellowing?

Keeping your eyewear clean is essential, not only to prevent dirt and germs from sitting on your glasses and transmitting to your face but also to give your glasses that new look, even after years. Clear glasses risk turning a yellowish color after a while. Although the situation may vary from person to person, if you try to be diligent with cleaning your clear frames you may help prevent yellowing by following some easy steps:

1. Clean your clear glasses with lukewarm water to remove any dust or dirt that may be present.

2. Clean your lenses with a specific cleaning solution. An ultrasonic cleaner may help remove residues of sweat or makeup.

3. Don’t forget about the rest of your glasses, use the solution to also clean the temples and bridge of your clear glasses (especially the pads that sit on your face).

4. Rinse your clear glasses again, always with lukewarm water.

5. Dry off your glasses with a microfiber cloth to avoid using any harmful materials on your lenses.

If you’d like to learn more about cleaning your glasses and also how to prevent or remove smudges or scratches you can visit our blog. At 3cv you can also upgrade your lenses with diverse coatings to allow for a longer-lasting look and the best care for your eyes.

How to get your hands on a trendy pair of clear framed glasses?

You’ve now jumped onto the wagon of new eyewear trends and have found a cool, fresh, and fun new pair of clear frame glasses. After finding the right design and color don’t forget to have a look at the upgrades available for your lenses and use the virtual try-on tool to see the glasses on your face virtually!

With a pair of clear prescription glasses, at a highly affordable price, you may add additional coatings or choose your lens type. At 3cv you can choose from prescription and nonprescription, upgrading to transition lenses, anti-starch coating, UV protection, and even blue light glasses. All these additional coatings and lens types are there to provide extra care for your eyes while rocking new trendy clear frame glasses.

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