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Our collection of oversized eyeglasses offers bold, on-trend large-size frames in a multitude of appealing styles. Explore an array of big glasses frames in classic and high-quality prescription lenses in eyewear options that showcase your personal style.

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Oversized Glasses for Men and Women

Oversized glasses frames can match almost any kind of style, from classy to cute. Looking to break hearts with an in-vogue and chic ensemble? A pair of oversized round prescription glasses are the perfect choice to make a strong first impression. This style is fun and friendly — perfect for projecting the best parts of your personality.

The variety of unique oversized eyeglasses we have is extensive. With so many choices, including oversized clear glasses, it can be hard to narrow down which big glasses are the right choice for you. A good place to start is these fashion-forward favorites.

Oversized Glasses at 3CV

3CV.com is the world's leading prescription eyeglasses store and we offer a wide selection of oversized eyeglasses. Whether you're looking for extra-large or big frames for glitz, glamor, sports, utility, or play, 3CV.com has the right glasses for you.

Women's Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

How Do I Choose Oversized Frames?

Because of the nature of large frames, it can be hard to know where oversized-yet-trendy ends and too-big-for-your-face begins. Your glasses should fit your bridge and should not cover your eyebrows or touch your cheeks. They should rest comfortably - the arm should not extend too far beyond your ears and should not be too heavy.

To find your perfect fit in oversized glasses, choose a frame that complements your face shape and coloring. Tortoiseshell patterns and brown tones are popular choices for an earthy, versatile look, and black frames are great for a simple, classic aesthetic. Our collection of oversized frames includes cool aviators and chic cat eyes in a wide variety, so go for a standout look to suit your big personality.

Will Big Glasses Look Good on Me?

Yes. Oversized frames can level up anyone's style. There are oversized frames to complement your face shape, whether it's round, oval, square, triangle or heart-shaped. Whether you're going for a bold look or something more subtle, 3CV has something for you.

Do Oversized Glasses Make You Look Younger?

Yes. Oversized glasses will give you a modern and fresh look. Because they're so large, the frames draw more attention to your eyes than regular glasses, bringing your contemporary style into focus.

Where Can I Buy Oversized Prescription Glasses?

3CV carries a wide selection of oversized frames with trendy options starting as low as $5.95. Ordering prescription glasses online is easy and fast with 3CV. Once you find the frames you love, your prescription info and get ready to put your best face forward.

What Are Oversized Glasses?

Oversized glasses are any frames that extend past your eyebrows and cheekbones for an outsized, face-framing effect. Remember that oversized frames aren’t actually a specific size of the frame, but are instead, relative to the size and shape of your face. If you have a petite face, then the right oversized frames are going to be smaller than those proportioned for someone with a larger or wider face.

How Do I Wear Oversized Glasses?

Make sure the nose pads are correctly fitted and the glasses sit properly on your face so that the frames do not touch your cheeks or any part of your face, especially when you smile. Oversized frames can add more weight to the bridge of your nose and temples, so it's essential they're the right size for your face.

Go bold. After all, oversized glasses are a pretty bold choice, so why not go a little further? Choose the shape or style you'd normally wear, and try that frame in an oversized style. Do you usually wear a pair of aviator sunglasses? Why not try an oversized prescription eyeglasses version? Or go Old Hollywood in a pair of oversized oval frames.

Oversized, rectangular eyeglass frames for men and women have officially transitioned from nerd-chic to modern-standard. The wider, taller lenses allow an attractive, clearer window to the eyes, and the strong corners speak to a hip sense of professionalism.

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