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Shop women's sunglasses on 3CV. Our collections include many different styles of women's prescription sunglasses in classic, retro, sporty, and trendy looks for any event. Impress your friends with the best prescription sunglasses for women that offer stylish construction and polarized lenses for multiple environments. Choose from our selection of frames by using our try-on system and get your choice.

How Can You Buy the Right Women's Prescription Sunglasses?

When it comes to buying the right women's prescription sunglasses, the first thing that you are going to notice is that this kind of eyewear is not the same as eyewear for men or unisex wearers. It, therefore, makes sense for you to find out more about how to buy the right eyewear for women. At the very least, you need to pick items that are perfect for daily wear and which can offer the best eye protection against dangerous UV rays. It is also important that your sunglasses have the right magnification to correct all your vision problems.

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Best Prescription Sunglasses for Women

Explore our collection of women's prescription sunglasses for bold frames, sporty shades, vintage-inspired details, and simple, modern lines, from favorite shapes and colors. Find your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses.

Ordering Women's Prescription Sunglasses From

Our customer service team is staffed by trained opticians, all of them dedicated to helping you find the right pair of women's prescription sunglasses. After you find the frames you want, an optician will confirm the prescription information you entered online is correct and matches the one your eye doctor gave you. Then they'll make sure the lenses you ordered will work with your prescription, and that the frames you chose will work with your lenses and prescription.

Our trained opticians can also help you enter your prescription correctly, determine your correct frame size, recommend the best lens material for your prescription, and choose frames that best match your face shape and lifestyle. Order your glasses online with confidence.

Prescription Sunglasses for Women from 3CV

Shopping for prescription sunglasses for women is enjoyable and easy at Have fun shopping for your next pair of women's prescription sunglasses from a list of most-loved styles that cater to very woman's individual style. Trendy or classic, bold or subtle. No matter your look or specific prescription need, our collection of sunglasses for women has the right option for you. Browse through shapes and frames at affordable prices now and save!

Women's Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

How to Buying Cool Sunglasses for Women With 3CV?

We offer different tints for your sunglass lenses — from gradient and polarized shades to mirrored and colored, so you'll be sure to find exactly what you've been searching for in a high-quality pair of prescription sunglasses for women. If you've got your prescription handy, all you need to do is enter the information on our simple checkout page before making your lens selection. Can't find what you want? No problem — just add any one of our anti-UV options to your choice of any eyeglass frame.

How to Select Sunglasses for Women?

Choosing the best sunglasses for women starts with considering your individual style. Sunglasses are a fashion accessory as well as a practical necessity for eye protection from UV rays, so choosing a frame design to match your personal style is step one. So, for example, you might prefer more conservative shapes and colors if you're an executive or something a little crazier for your days off. For instance, hipsters might like round glasses and vivid colors, and professionals might go with more classic shapes and conservative colors.

The second consideration should be your lifestyle because some people need a style that works for boating or participating in sports, and others need them mostly for driving. Different lens colors provide various types of light filters. You need sunglasses with lenses that deliver protection for your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Fit is important, so choosing available styles in the width and arm length that fits you best should be a priority. The last two considerations are what looks best on your face and with your coloring. Certain frame shapes look good with round faces, and others fit squarer faces better. Choosing the right colors or patterns is also important. For example, certain frame colors may clash if you have red hair.

Are prescription sunglasses for women worth it?

Yes. 3CV prescription sunglasses block 100 percent of UV light, as well as 90 percent of blue light, which is emitted from the sun and from digital devices, such as computers, iPads, and smartphones.

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