Heart Glasses

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Heart-Shaped Glasses

When it comes to heart-shaped eyewear, it’s all love. This rimless style is so chic and unique that you can’t not fall head over heels with it — so get ready to crush on your favorite pair.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and anywhere else you'd like with a pair of our heart-shaped glasses.

Hear Shaped Glasses FAQs

What's the origin of heart shaped glasses?

eart shaped glasses first appeared on the scene in the 1950s. This iconic look was further popularized in Stanley Kubrick's 1962 movie "Lolita."

What face shape can pull off heart shaped glasses?

Any face shape can pull off heart shaped glasses! Due to their unusual design, heart shaped glasses are more of a statement piece that looks best when worn with confidence.

Are heart shaped glasses in style?

Heart shaped glasses are always in style. Whether for romantic picnics, or strolls down the city, heart shaped glasses are sure to bring out your charm.

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