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Confused about what kind of swim goggles to get? Here’s a breakdown of the best swimming goggles for every kind of swimming.

The swim goggle is one of the most critical pieces of swimming gear.

It allows you to properly see the walls, backstroke flags, and other swimmers and also keeps your eyes from getting red and irritated.

Choosing prescription swim goggles

The  American Optometric Association, FDA and CDC do not recommend wearing contact lenses in any type of water environment because of the possibility of acquiring an eye infection due to a microorganism called acanthamoeba, which can wreak havoc on your cornea and can ultimately lead to blindness. However, many individuals will either jump in the pool or ocean and have forgotten to take their contact lenses out or just simply do not abide by the rules. 

Swimming goggles are supposed to be well-sealed. You can check this by pushing them against your eye sockets without strapping them on. You should expect a gentle suction and a good fit. The nosepiece should be adjustable and not dig into your skin. If the nosepiece is too wide, expect the swimming goggles to leak. If it's too narrow, expect it to painfully pinch the sides of your nose. Either way, I'm sure you would want that. 

How to Choose a Pair of Swimming Goggles

When shopping for new goggles, the most important thing to consider is where you'll be swimming. If you swim exclusively inside, you can opt for a pair that has clear or light-colored lenses, doesn't have  UV protection, and isn't polarized. It comes down to your personal preference regarding whether or not you want a mirrored lens—they can help you see more clearly if you have a brightly lit pool or are outdoors, but some feel they can be a bit too dark for indoor swimming.

If you have a particularly large or small head, you may also want to consider how adjustable your goggles are. Most goggles have a certain degree of adjustability and stretchy back straps, but some will have an adjustable nose bridge as well, which can help ensure that the lenses are properly spaced, remain comfortable, and don't move around.

Prescription Swim Goggles FAQs

Is it good to wear swim goggles while swimming?

Probably the most important reason to wear goggles when you swim is that they protect your eyes. And it's not just water that they protect your eyes from. It's also the irritation that comes from chlorine (or whatever chemicals are used in your pool).

Should I wet my swim goggles before swimming?

As a general rule, you should wet your goggles before swimming to help the swim goggle lens surface temperature adjust to the temperature of the water, which reduces the risk of your goggles fogging up while you swim.

What Colour swim goggles are best swimming?

Blue = Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, lighter blues best for indoors and darker outdoors. It reduces surface glare from water and provides great visibility. Purple = Lighter purples like lilac are good for indoors, and darker purples are better for outdoors.

Are Polarized swim goggles better?

Mirrored lenses are good for brighter days and can be used outside for open water swimming, but polarised lenses are more effective at filtering glare. Suitable for light, indoor swimming pools, mirrored lenses help reduce brightness, but could be too dark for dimly lit areas

How to Choose swim goggles lenses?

  • Clear lenses are best suited for swimming during winter and nighttime open water swimming. It offers no change in the color of surroundings while providing protection and clear vision. 
  • Amber, yellow, and light blue lenses are for swimming in pools. Amber lenses, specifically, help people see the bottom of the pool through their ability to filter light. While these offer improved visibility, you must consider your vision, the lighting, and the amount of copper sulfate in water.
  • Red lenses enhance contrast. These are optimal for medium and low light conditions. 
  • Dark blue lenses are preferable in open waters as it makes the most of underwater visibility. It is capable of reducing surface glare while offering great visibility. 
  • Mirrored or dark lenses reduce brightness and glare in the open water swimming. Some competitive swimmers prefer these lenses for a perceived psychological advantage. These are not recommended for dimly lit pools.
  • Smoke lenses significantly lessen overall light without that much color distortion. These are great for swimming outside on sunny days! 
  • Colored lenses are based on personal preference! Think of your style. You can go wild on this on this one!

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